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Monday, January 18, 2010

Are You Hiding From Your Challenges?

Are there challenges in your life that you really don't understand? And do you actually avoid looking at these challenges because you are not competent in your ability to move beyond them?

Recently it has become more and more obvious to me that spiritually conscious women are very good at seeing the best and focusing on the good. The flip side of this is that they can be very good at ignoring the bad, especially the challenges that they don't know what to do about.

At first this appears to be a good thing, when you consider the Law of Attraction. But I've found for myself that this ignoring of the challenges can be more harmful than good. And there is a real powerful energy to a person who is willing to look, to be honest with herself about what is going on and then to find a solution.

I remember when I was first building my business, I wanted to be at a point of success where I could be only doing what I loved and fully leave my old career behind. I would be visualizing, focusing on the good and still nothing was really happening to take me forward financially in the way I had wanted. Rather than face what was happening honestly, I tried to just put a happy face on through it and expect it to all work out.

What I didn't realize is that there were many aspects to this challenge that I needed to see and understand if it was ever going to get better. And after a major life change I didn?t have a choice anymore, I needed to move beyond this challenge and fast.

So what did I do?

I stopped trying to just "be positive" and I really allowed myself to take an honest look at it all. It was not necessarily comfortable but I knew I needed to do this.

Because the truth I've found is that you can't change what you don't face.

You attract what matches your ENTIRE energy, what you're conscious of AND what is below the surface. Might as well face the darkness within you so you can finally begin to attract the reality that you want.

There is light in your awareness that can break up the darkness, allow you to see things in a new way and allow you to have powerful realizations that can take you forward.

What I saw clearly was that I was lacking the business knowledge to take my business beyond the point I had taken it to. And with the added drive that the life changes had given me (others might call this a crisis!), I had the energy behind me to find the way. To take what was a huge challenge for me and to turn it around into a major success.

Within 5 months of doing this my business was 300% higher than it was the year before. I had the courage to look. I saw what I needed to see and I allowed myself to take new actions, get the support I needed, the support the Universe had brought right to me, to overcome this challenge and to be guided to a new way of being.

None of which would have been possible had I not taken an honest look and faced the challenges rather than pretending they don't exist.

So what is the big challenge in your life that you have been avoiding?

Do you see that by doing this you were affirming the belief that there is no solution or way out?

What if instead you affirmed that you could create whatever you want, that you would be guided forward, that the answers and solutions would come to you?

Imagine what you could create then?

Start now. Write down on a piece of paper what the challenge is that you haven't been facing. And let yourself write all about it. Be willing to discover more about yourself, what has been driving you in this area and what fears you have about it. Let yourself look, bring the light of your awareness to this dark place and see possibilities where there was once impossibility.

Don't fear what you can't see, face it! There's a gift in it and can only be opened once you look directly into it.

Copyright 2010 Fia Crandall

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 Tips for Creating Powerful New Year's Intentions!

The beginning of a new year is one of the most exciting and powerful times. It feels like things reset and you get to start fresh and new. The slate is now cleared and what you write on it is up to you.

This year I challenge you to create some real powerful intentions for yourself. Go for what you really want, use the power of this time of year to move you into the new territory that you belong in.

Over the last few years I have had the benefit of having some of my biggest and most important intentions become my reality. And it always started at this time of year. I wish this for you and have pulled together 5 important tips for creating powerful New Year's Intentions for 2010 based on what I have learned. They're simple but powerful.

Tip #1: Set Believable Intentions

Make sure you don't make your intentions way too far out there that you can't honestly see them becoming your reality. The intentions I have set over the years that deep down I didn't believe could really happen never did. And the HUGE intentions that I set that seemed almost impossible logically, but deep down I believed they could happen, did happen.

It's a waste of your creative power to focus on those impossible to reach intentions and it often just leaves you feeling disappointed in the end because it's not possible to create something unless you truly believe (not just wish) it can happen.

I know you have the power to create amazing things this year, so go for what you really want, just make sure the deeper part of you truly believes it can happen.

If you do have a way out there desire but you don't believe it can happen in a year, break it down and see what you DO believe you can create in 2010, and use that for your intention. It will have much more power behind it and is WAY more likely to become your reality because you believe it can happen.

Tip #2: Let go of the "How"

If you really want intentions that have a better chance of becoming your reality, forget about the how. Leave the how up to the Universe.

One of my most powerful New Year's intentions I made a few years ago, that became my reality a short 5 months later, was to be doing the work that I loved full-time. And you know what? It came about in a totally unexpected way. The "how" I saw in my mind was WAY off!

But did it matter? Of course not. Since that point in time I have been doing what I love full-time? Who cares how it happened!

That's the thing about the "how". Our minds are HORRIBLE at coming up with a "how" that is any good. Our mind typically leaves out important pieces like happiness along the way, fun, and feeling good!

So this year, even if you can see a lot of the "how" for yourself, allow space for the mystery, the wonder and synchronicity to bring you what you want in a way you couldn't even dream of. Choose your intentions to focus on what you really want and hand the "how" over to the Universe.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Intentions Have Some Fuel!

Intentions will go nowhere without emotion and desire behind them. Go for something that would really make your heart sing. Or at least work with your intentions until they feel exciting to you.

Emotion and desire will drive you forward and have the Law of Attraction helping you out as well!

Tip #4: Clarity = Power

If there's one thing I've learned it's that when you?re clear and you set an intention, EVERYTHING moves to support you in its manifestation.

And I don't mean clear about the specifics, many people get into specifics and they lose the emotion, and that's no good. I mean you want to be CLEAR in your own heart, mind and being that YOU WANT THIS and IT IS TIME! That's the kind of clarity that moves mountains.

Choose intentions that are more like a choice, even if it seems like quite a stretch? A choice that you are making for yourself, FULLY expecting the Universe to back you up and help bring to you as your reality.

I made this kind of choice two specific times with my New Year's Intentions. And each one I was SO clear on and KNEW in my bones had to happen, I WANTED to happen. And with that choice at this time of year, it set forth all of the support I needed to make it be my reality. And each time they came about 5-6 months after setting them, and they were both huge stretches for me, but I believed it could happen even though I had no idea how.

So what do you really want? What are you SO clear that you must have and that you believe you can have in 2010?

Get clear now and make your choice!

Tip #5: Write Your 2010 Intentions Down!

I can't count how many times I've written an intention down, small or big, and they somehow happen without any effort on my part. How cool is that? Whatever you do, be sure you take some time to write down your 2010 intentions. And I'd have them posted somewhere around you so you can focus on them throughout the year.

Tip #6: Write Out Your 2010 Intentions in the Present Tense

I know that a huge part of manifesting the Intention of being full-time self-employed is that I made no reference to my part-time job in my intentions. And as an extension on this, when I walked out of the door at the end of each 3 day work week in my old Engineering job, I pretended that it didn't exist to me. I acted as if I WAS fully self-employed.

This was so effective I remember on my way home on my last day having the thought Ah, back to normal!? What?! Normal? But it was. Because I had been practicing it as my reality for 5 months straight, there was no future to it, it was here now.

So write out your intentions as if they are your reality today, if you see it as something happening "one day" it will forever be in the future. Claim your new reality now.

Simple tips that have made all the difference for me!

Copyright © 2010 Fia Crandall

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stop Looking For Outside Validation of You Worth... It's Sabotaging Your Results!

Do you feel like the results you create in your life are a reflection of your worth and value? Do you feel let down when things don't turn out as good as you had intended?

Looking for outside validation of your worth is a sure way to keep you stuck in feeling unworthy. When you connect your value to anything outside of yourself you set yourself up for disappointment.

The thing is, you ARE worthy and it has nothing to do with what outer results you create. And I also have come to see that your outer results increase the more that your belief in yourself and your worth increases.

I have seen that people who don't feel worthy to begin with tend to see things in a distorted way. They rarely see the success they do create, even in the face of great success. And they are so quick to point out what they didn't do rather than the success they have created. It's just the natural way because they are driven by an unconscious unworthiness. And when you are driven by unworthiness you can't help but to look for evidence of it.

I know this all too well myself. This has been a great challenge for me as well. I realized that when you feel unworthy deep down, you set your expectations and goals almost impossibly high. You actually set yourself up for failure without realizing.

Then even if you create great success, it's no comparison to what you wanted. In one year I had increased my sales by 322%. That's a massive success! But at the end of that year I still felt like a failure because I didn't make my huge goal.

Can you see how ridiculous this is?

Do you see how you might be doing this?

You need massive proof of your worth when you feel unworthy, that's why you set your sights so high. And when you are driven unconsciously from a place of unworthiness, it is almost impossible to create those incredible results you want.

When you feel worthy, you disconnect from the outer results and celebrate ALL of your successes, because you see clearly without a distorted filter.

The one thing the Law of Attraction does is help you go for the best, to envision something truly amazing for yourself, that really is a major stretch. And this is a good thing. But you can't tie your worth to whether or not it happens as fast as you'd like or whether it happens or not.

If you really want big results, you have to go big, I'm all for that. But don't measure your value based on what you create. Make a choice to see ANY forward movement as progress that is worthy of being celebrated.

If you want to break out of this disappointment and unworthiness dilemma, you need to reverse the process.

If you want good results, you must detach from the outer results.

You must see your results as separate from you. Sure they are a reflection of you but if you attract limited results it has more to do with how you see yourself than your actual worth.

Which brings you to the second step to shifting this, you must shift your self-view if you are ever going to attract anywhere near the results that you want. Rather than watching for evidence of whether or not you are worthy, begin noticing and collecting evidence of your worth right now.

One way I did this was to start writing out self-appreciation in my gratitude journal. I just made myself list the things that I appreciated about myself. And when I looked at myself from this viewpoint I could finally see clearly...

I HAD created a lot, I did have a lot of successes worth celebrating, even if I hadn't made that impossibly high goal. I was giving myself what I needed, I was stepping up for myself and my most amazing life. I was committed. I was authentic.

And I really HAD created a lot of what I did want. The evidence was all around me. And through this I started seeing my true value and worth. It was not just shown in what I created, it was shown through who I was and how I was showing up in my life.

Break the connection between your outer results and your worth. Embrace your worth NOW, see the good, see the progress, see what is right. And you can't help but to create better results, because you will finally be coming from a place of worthiness and you won't need to validate yourself by results. And your results can finally soar.

Copyright © 2009 Fia Crandall